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017. Risque Business

Risque Business Aflame

Risque Business is here! There’s some really nice things there. One of which is this exclusive Red Aflame outfit (Top+Pants) from Barely Legal Couture. I really like this top, it just makes my boobs pop! The whole outfit comes in other colors but this red color is exclusive to Risque Business so run down and get it now!


016. Oxygen


It’s been almost a month since my last blog post! :C Life has been crazy but here’s an outfit I love from Barely Legal Couture. The way this corset top makes my boobs look delicious is really amazing. It definitely does make me feel a lil bit disasterous, like it’s name. And then there’s the shoes! These shoes arent new but they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They’re from Candy Doll and are made for Slink medium height feet.


014. Distressed

BLC - Distressed

Barely Legal Couture has a new outfit! and it’s pretty sexy too. I feel hot in this top and the jeans are cute too!


013. It’s all about the Gachas…

I’d just like to let everyone know that Game of Thrones comes back to HBO on April 6TH. Okay, Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Gachas! Gachas! and gachas! I love gachas. I don’t get many of them but when I do I love them all. Most Gacha items are absolutely adorable or fantastic in some way. There’s usually always a Gacha event going on. Today, Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair opened at Depraved Nation. Then there’s the Arcade Gacha event. Plenty of gachas, do you have enough money for this?

BLC - Gachas


012. Deranged

Here’s a lovely new outfit from Barely Legal Couture. It’s the DERANGED outfit. It comes in many colors and has appliers for lolas and the azzes. I’m wearing the Indigo top and the Black pants. Also worn are the deranged short kickers in leopard. 🙂 They’re quite fabulous. So head on down to BLC and check this outfit out.

BLC - Deranged


011. Harley Quinn

Most of us have dreamed of being a super hero, or maybe a super villain. If you’re a female that usually means taking a backseat to the men. One female who took the backseat and somehow managed to shine through was Harley Quinn. The well known companion to the Joker. Here is a neat little outfit from Barely Legal Couture that’s named for Harley. Enjoy!

BLC - Harley Quinn


010. Super Bowl Sunday! Go Broncos <3

If you live in the United States you know today is a very important day for most of us. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! And if you don’t live here. Then I’ll just say it’s a day where people gather around the television (or in the cold at the stadium if you’re lucky) and watch two football teams battle it out. I just so happen to live in Colorado, which means… I support the Broncos this year. Go Broncos! If you’re a Seahawks fan… Please don’t shoot me. 🙂

In honor of today I did a little photoshoot using two of the new Legalized Jumpsuits from Barely Legal Couture. Here’s what I came up with.



009. Google Meme

Google Meme Picture 01-05-2014

Hello again! I know, I know. It’s been ages since I’ve done anything productive here. I’m going to try and be a little bit more active and start doing weekly Memes. Whether it’s putting my spin on someone else’s blog meme or coming up with my own (I don’t think I’m THAT creative) I’ll try my best to do something every monday.

Guess what? It’s monday. It’s likely 8am SLT and that means…. I’m still asleep and this was made to post automatically. (Does that make me sound lazy? I swear it’s just an aversion to mornings) Today I’ve planned the Google Meme previously shown on Strawberry Singh’s blog. This meme is a mash-up of Strawberry’s idea and Emily from SLTimeWellWasted blog post.


007. [OOTD] The Widowed Stoner

If you know anything about jewelry than you’ve probably been to Earthstones and you likely already know about the Earthstones Mystery Hunt. It’s a hunt for 30 bags; 0-99L, each filled with something from Earthstones or Earth Dwellings. I went and got ALL of the female and unisex prizes. Here’s just one set of the jewels and the latest Sn@tch Fishing Outfit.

The Widowed Stoner


005. [PFP] Taste The Rainbow

Another day, another new pick prize from Envious. I shouldn’t have to tell you what to do


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